Come join us!

We are running games every Wednesday night at 7PM at the HoCo Brew Hive. Come and join us, there's no charge to play, and we offer great prizes!

We are open to running games at your special event, or in other venues. Just drop us a line and we'll be glad to get you set up.

  1. The game is nine rounds long. Most of the rounds have three questions each. Rounds 3 and 6 are Special Rounds, where the scores can really change! Round 9 is always our FINAL ATOMIC QUESTION...which will be explained below!
    I'll ask all three questions at once, and then play some music. You write down the answers in the proper blanks, then...
  2. You assign point values to your answers. Each round has a set of three point values. You assign them in whatever order you like, one per answer!
    So...say the values are 1, 3, and 5. You'd put the 5 next the one you know you got right. The 3 would be saved for the one you aren't as sure about...and the 1 would go next to the one you're guessing on. Or, do it a different way! It's up to you!
    If you get it right, you get those points; if it's wrong, you get zero. And there's always a bonus if you get all three questions in the round correct!
  3. Rounds 3 and 6 are exceptions to this format. Round 3 is often an audio round, and it has it's own special answer slip. Round 6 is a special category round, the team with the lowest points going into the round gets to spin the wheel to choose the category, and can choose to spin a second time.
  4. Please don't cheat! Don't use any phones or devices to get the answers! If you have to use your phone, step away from the table and come back when your team has turned it its answer. Also, the limit for how many may be on your team is eight. If you have more than that, you can play, but you won't get any of the prizes at the end.
  5. Look and listen for clues! You'll have about seven minutes or so to turn in your answers and you might want to wait for the music to start before talking over things with your team, so you don't give away any answers! If you get stuck...look at the questions on the overhead behind the desk sometimes clues will make their way into the slide! And...listen to the songs! They often contain clues as well!
  6. You make a wager for the FINAL ATOMIC QUESTION! The wager must be between 3 and 15 points, and on this question only, you'll lose that amount if you get it wrong!