We are BACK!


Yes, it is the special edition of our trivia game for shut-ins! Get your teams together (virtually), get your potables (of course), and get ready for more trivial madness!

We are using some new tech for this edition of Atomic Trivia, namely Zoom and Google Forms...so the music clues are back! But this means some new ways of playing, so we have some new instructions for how to get in on the fun. So put the beer down (just for a moment) and pay attention:

Send email to webmaster@atomictrivia.us with your name and the team that you're on! You'll get back an email with the browser link to get to our Zoom room, and the password, so we'll be secure. (Try to only do one connection per household, so we don't get too crowded.) You'll also be given a link to a special page on the Atomic Trivia website, which will have all of the other info you will need during the game.
When the time comes, sign in! You might wish to sign in a bit early on Wednesday, to get the lay of the land. Once you sign on, your quizmaster (me) will assign you to a Breakout Room, along with the rest of your team.
Now the game is going to go as it normally does, minus all of the litigious vermin we had cluttering things up before! I'll read the questions and switch the screen so you can see the slides. Once you have seen and heard enough to start talking over answers with your team, hit the button on the bottom for your Breakout Room.
Now, while in the Breakout Room, you can't see me or the slides, or hear the music...so if you need to, you can send someone back over to pop into the main room and review. It takes a few seconds to switch back and forth.
After a while of this, your quizmaster will hit the big yank-back button and summon you all back into the main Zoom room.
When you are ready to fill in your answers, go to the special page on the Atomic Trivia website and click on the link for the round that you're playing. That will take you to the scoresheet in Google Forms. Just fill in your team name, the answers, and the point values, like you do at the Second Chance, and hit the Submit button on the bottom of the page.

Then, Yours Truly will tabulate everything, and on we go!

I really don't have any clue if this is going to work...so bear with me as we try to stumble our way through!

Hope to see you there tomorrow!